Weird: Flaming Fun - Helen Hutton

Location: UK

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Snake Dancing:
Snake dancing origins are most likely to be from India, where temple dancers would dance with snakes as part of their worships. H.H involves Honey a rare albino (bright yellow) python constrictor in various ways. A set of slow modern belly dance (snakes don't like fast movements or spins) and Honey is made the star of the show!

Snake Walkabout:
After coming off stage lots of people will want to see the snake, pet it (if there dare), Honey will not appreciate a huge crowed of people pinching and poking at her which is why we have a system that enables the punter to have a feel for her and come out of the experience with a Polaroid to remember the moment.

Flaming Fun - Helen Hutton Flaming Fun - Helen Hutton
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