Acrobats: Gyulnara Karaeva

Location: Russia

Gyulnara KaraevaImpact Artists   Gyulnara KaraevaImpact Artists

Gyulnara Karaeva is a World Champion acrobat, a world-class artist and a first class individual. In just 22 years, Gyula has already garnered a lifetime of accomplishments that include earning the Master of Sport, International Class title in Sports Acrobatics; becoming a decorated gold-medalist at World Championship and Europe Championship competitions; performing with the top circus companies and festivals in the world and being the youngest cast member invited to join Cirque du Soleil's ZUMANITY - ANOTHER SIDE OF CIRQUE DU SOLEIL on the Las Vegas Strip.

Best known as the innocent young nymph featured in ZUMANITY's 'Water Bowl' act, Gyula glides lithely through 600 gallons of water to create a spectacular montage of sensual poses. An electrifying blend of contortion, hand-balancing and acrobatics, Gyula's aquatic beauty has captured the acclaim of audiences and press worldwide including Time magazine, Playboy magazine, ZINK magazine and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Patrick Sebastien (the top variety show in Paris, France)

Gyulnara Karaeva Gyulnara Karaeva Gyulnara Karaeva Gyulnara Karaeva
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