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Glitterking Art FactoryImpact Artists   Glitterking Art FactoryImpact Artists

You can enter into a world, where objects of all shapes and sizes transformed into " A work of Art" using the Glitter King's self produced glitter and crystals. His form of glittering is ideal for events of all kinds, e.g: presentations, parties, fashion, TV, shows, videos, interiors and of course for the music scene worldwide.

Glittercoatings for Entertainment
Removable on "VIP Shuttle Limousines", trees & palmtrees - stages - stagelogos - writings - event locations - buildings & event accesoires and many many more. The glitter coatings can be long lasting " Works of Art" or removable for a " Party Night " e.g.! Glitter scripts as the high light for that event. Also "180 Grad-Reflection-Angle-Glitter" for laser & LED reflections.

Glittercoatings for an in Interior Design
The Glitterking Art Factory is specialized on all kind of professional. In & exteriordesign coatings, including a german mastercraft license. After 4 Years experiences, the Glitterking Art Factory knows, how to work with "Reflection Materials", for using as in & exterior designcoatings. Also we use "3 Components Aqua Based Coatings " for in and outside, a new technology for the highspeed trains. Architectural glitter for illuminated buildings - also removable after month.

Glitter Liveart Events
The Glitter King`s live performance consist of many possibilities from merchandise to advertising novelties, balloons and of course naked flash. This means, he sprays and glitters a female Model from head to toe as a "Living Art" form. ( A public attraction, especially when someone from the audience participates as artist ).Using the help of from the guest, the Glitter King can transform your festivity into an extravaganza. One of the Glitter King`s latest projects is, the involvement in a Stunt show; where is shoots the cars with his glitter cannon.Another part of his special features, the use of glittered cars for Motor Shows, Fairs or Car races.

Glitter Fashions
We design & produce very glamerous clothes. BUT, if you give us your jacket, you get it back as a bling..bling..eyecatcher.

Fully Removable Car Varnish.
Our Special Varnish Covers The Original Paint Of The Car. Due to the special varnish of a global manufacturer, we can fully remove the glitter coatings. The car can be used for 3 month in rainy weather without loosing the glitter colour. We remove the transparent varnish at the end of your promotion show or event without traces. The varnish can also be used on event location surfaces such as e.g. shop windows.
Present your host/artist in such an eye catcher on your event. To highlight a wedding day, present a white glitter car with the wedding couplesé─˘ signature applied in gold.

Glitterking Art Factory Glitterking Art Factory
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