Walkabout: Brink Of Distiction - Giant Penguins

Location: UK

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Giant Penguins:
Posing, fishing for compliments, jumping, dancing, flapping and poking their beaks into everyoneé─˘s business é─ý The Giant P-P-Penguins have landed. Now they are embarking on their worldwide mission for penguin domination é─ý to boldly waddle where no Artic birds have ever waddled before.
é─˙Extracted gem-like moments from the simplest of sourcesé─¨
The penguins have already been spotted at many street festivals, including: The Streets of Brighton/Dieppe; Glastonbury; and the Covent Garden International Festival. They have also popped up at cocktail parties, shopping centres, libraries, fish markets and on escalators everywhere.