Jugglers: Kristian Kristof - Gentleman Juggler

Location: Hungary

Kristian Kristof - Gentleman JugglerImpact Artists   Kristian Kristof - Gentleman JugglerImpact Artists

For a long time now, it has been impossible to dissociate the name of Kristian Kristof from that of the "Gentleman Juggler" . With his Juggling act, Kristian has performed over a decade around the world, making appearances in many diversities of show business.

Kristian comes from circus background, being the 4th generation of the famous Hungarian circus family Kristof. From his childhood he lived in the aura of the entertainment world. After graduating at the Hungarian State Performing Art Institute, his career started to create a name and an image for it self.

He went back in juggling history to revive the original personality of the long forgotten Gentleman Juggler. Purifying the classic act by using accessories like top hats and a cane to dress his immaculate tailcoat. Not missing the traditional cigar boxes and the cigar it self, by balancing some of the stage decorations, like a stylish coffee table and chairs on it.

Kristian was the youngest artist to receive the highest title of performing arts, given by the Hungarian Minister of Culture and Education, as well as claiming top awards from six prestigious international circus festivals.

The Guinness Book has listed his trick, of releasing (all) 3 cigar boxes in the air and catching them perfectly in their original initial position after completing 4 full turns (1440 degrees), as a World Record.

In addition to his constant attention to furthering the limits of his juggling skills, Kristian had the honors to direct the various editions of the International Circus Festival of Budapest. He created and directed the innovative and modern circus production called Circus Odyssey and directed the fist variety show of the reopened Moulin Rouge Theatre in Budapest.

The past experiences have taught Kristian privately and professionally that, there is so much potential in show business that one lifetime is barely enough to live it...

1987 Silver medal FESTIVAL DU CIRQUE DE DEMAIN, Paris - France
1987 Bronze medal FESTIVAL DE CIRCUBA, Havana - Cuba
1988 "Performer of the year" Hungarian State Circus, Budapest - Hungary
1988 Golden Award PERFORMING ART FESTIVAL, Pyongyang - Korea
1993 Bronze medal FESTIVAL INTER. DE CIRCO, Santiago - Chile
1993 "Hortobagyi Karoly nivo dij" Hungarian Ministry of Culture, Budapest - Hungary
1994 Silver medal GRAN PREMIO DELL CIRCO, Genoa - Italy
1995 Silver medal WUQIAO CIRCUS FESTIVAL, Beijing - China
1998 Special award CIRCUS FESTIVAL, BUDAPEST for the technical direction of the event