Aerialists: Genevieve Berube - Aerial

Location: Canada

Genevieve Berube - AerialImpact Artists   Genevieve Berube - AerialImpact Artists

Aerial Silks
This Floating Fabric number is a meeting of sensitivities é─ý the artisté─˘s expressiveness and the delicate music of the stringed instruments. This performance features great flights of supple acrobatic movements set to a slow and dynamic rhythm. A mesmerizing presence fills the imaginary space in this voluptuously romantic interpretation.

Aerial Hoop
A duality emerges through the artisté─˘s interaction with the hoops. She comes face to face with her freedom of movement and the powerful circling of the rings themselves. Both on the ground and in the air, dance harmonizes with this acrobatic performance. Teasing the frontiers between letting go and taking control, this dynamic performance reveals the performeré─˘s inner strength and paints a transcendent portrait of a woman staying strong in the face of adversity.

Genevieve Berube - Aerial Genevieve Berube - Aerial Genevieve Berube - Aerial Genevieve Berube - Aerial
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