Walkabout: Duel Impact - Funky Santa

Location: UK

Artists: Tony Phipps
  Duel Impact - Funky SantaImpact Artists  

Yeah Baby! Santa's back...... and this time he's updated his image. Having watched a video of "Grease" (a leftover Xmas present), Santa has moved into the seventies and he's now hip.... he's now cool.... and he's funky.
Santa now comes armed with mistletoe and modeling balloons (he uses these to make little Xmas gifts for people)and is usually to be found showing off his newly learnt acrobatic skills.
So if you want a Father Christmas at your event, book the new, updated "Funky Santa"

Remember, if you saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus, you can bet it was this version she was kissing!