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Frenetic Engineering - Frenetic WalkaboutImpact Artists   Frenetic Engineering - Frenetic WalkaboutImpact Artists

Frenetic Engineering have a wealth of experience in the performing arts, stunning audiences from around the world. Previous work includes touring circus shows in Australia, Poland, the Republic of Ireland, Spain and throughout the UK; outstanding one-off performances from Dubai to Cannes Film Festival and several long-standing, on-going appearances at annual events such as Glastonbury and Shambala Festivals, Bristol Harbourside Festival and Brighton International Circus Festival.
Among Frenetic Engineeringé─˘s many skills are aerial acts (corde lisse; synchronised silks; static, swinging and flying trapeze; cradle; web; bungies; harness work; and original site-specific shows); fire performance (club swinging; poi; fire-staff; body-burning; fire-eating; and choreographed fire dance routines); and a variety of costumed and characterful stilt and floor walkabout acts.

Sugar Plump Fairies
Being rejected by Santa for being too plump and clumsy to sit at the top of the Christmas Tree has not deterred these keen fairies. They love Christmas and love ballet dancing.
Annie Pavlova and Darcy Souflee will take the Christmas spirit to new limits in the premier of their interpretation of a famous dance - a new pas de deux - The Dance of the Sugar Plump Fairies! For seasonal reasons their adaptation will be performed to a Christmas Hits Medley.
These nutcrackers are in a class of their own, imagine Mavis Cruet meets Margot Fonteyn fused with Slade and Marylin Monroe!
Unstoppable and incorrigable the Ms's Pavlova and Souflee will thaw the hardest heart and even bring hilarity to grumpiest scrooge!

Dancing Elves
Alfie and Co dance their way into everyone's hearts with their fantastic soundtrack of Christmas hits and perform their Christmas Elf Dance with comedy shoes and elf-centric moves. Whilst all around shoppers and passers-by find the temptation too irresistible and succumb to the Christmas spirit by joining in and throwing some shapes!
Smiles and good moves all round, from elf moon walking to waltzing to break dancing and beyond!
We have 5 elves which can go out in a pair, a trio (our favourite) or even 4 or 5 together!

Talent Show
You've seen Britain 's Got Talent, well this Talent Show is better because everyone can be in it! There's no nasty Simon and the hosts will always be lovely and encouraging. Lorraine and Julie from Sunshine Holidays will pep you up and coax your party trick or hidden talent out while DJ Kevin their trainee provides the tunes.
A warm hearted and slightly batty competition for all ages where the audience performs and everyone votes for the winner. The clap-o-meter will decide who is the champion talent and we all wave our hands in the air to We Are The Champions (because we all are) while the trophy is presented to a fanfare of party poppers!
2 or 3 performers for Christmas music, costumes and talents will be christmas themed. Great as comperes too.

Frenetic Engineering - Frenetic Walkabout Frenetic Engineering - Frenetic Walkabout Frenetic Engineering - Frenetic Walkabout Frenetic Engineering - Frenetic Walkabout Frenetic Engineering - Frenetic Walkabout
Frenetic Engineering - Frenetic Walkabout
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