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Location: UK

Frenetic Engineering - Frenetic StiltsImpact Artists   Frenetic Engineering - Frenetic StiltsImpact Artists

Frenetic Engineering (aka Annabelle Holland and Gwen Hales) are a Bristol-based duo providing beautiful and fun entertainment wherever ité─˘s needed!
They have a wealth of experience in the performing arts, stunning audiences from around the world. Previous work includes touring circus shows in Australia, Poland, the Republic of Ireland, Spain and throughout the UK; outstanding one-off performances from Dubai to Cannes Film Festival and several long-standing, on-going appearances at annual events such as Glastonbury and Shambala Festivals, Bristol Harbourside Festival and Brighton International Circus Festival.
Among Frenetic Engineeringé─˘s many skills are aerial acts (corde lisse; synchronised silks; static, swinging and flying trapeze; cradle; web; bungies; harness work; and original site-specific shows); fire performance (club swinging; poi; fire-staff; body-burning; fire-eating; and choreographed fire dance routines); and a variety of costumed and characterful stilt and floor walkabout acts.
As one of the companies at the forefront of new and exciting developments in contemporary UK circus, Frenetic Engineeringé─˘s performances will highlight any event, from corporate to club and festival to theatre.

Their current stilt characters are:

Fairies Stilt Walkabout -
Giant, gorgeous fairy stilt characters that may be lacking in the flight department, but make up for this shortfall with a somewhat substantial inside leg measurement!
Ranging from fantastically friendly to gorgeously
grumpy and guaranteed to be interactive and animated.
Spreading the magic of comedy (rather than the other kind!)

Moulin Rouge Stilt Walkabout -
Stylish stilt mademoiselles straight from the stage of the Moulin Rouge! With the longest legs in the business they add a touch of class to any evening event.

Christmas Pink Angels Stilt Walkabout -
Incompetent angels on a Christmas mission to spread goodwill and havoc from their cloud on the fringes of heaven. Bringing snow, carols and a general warm feeling inside. Will unfreeze even the scroogiest of hearts during the build up to Christmas and inspire festive merriment in all ages.

Pink Witches Stilt Walkabout -
A witch is for life not just for Halloween!
These larger than life giant learner witches have
great visual and comedy impact.
Guaranteed failure to turn children into toads, their legendary incompetence is sure to raise a laugh from adults and children alike.
Flying, scaring people and remembering magic spells are a constant challenge for this bungling duo who receive sympathy and giggles from the unsuspecting public.

Wedding Stilt Walkabout -
This high rise groom, bride in her fantastic frock and bridesmaid will take their wedding anywhere! It could be a chaotic, disastrous wedding with drunken groom, weeping bride and bitchy bridesmaidé─Â.or a dream wedding where your guests become part of the family and join in with the wedding celebrations. Can be performed with or without stilts.
Optional extra characters - photographer, drunken vicar, mother of the bride.
Great for corporate, festivals and family events. Not suitable for clubs.