Weird: Straitjacket Circus - Freakshow

Location: UK

Straitjacket Circus - FreakshowImpact Artists   Straitjacket Circus - FreakshowImpact Artists

A typical show will involve some, and occasionally all of the stunts listed below (scroll down), depending on the length of time allotted, and the bookers requirements. While we have a standard set lists for shows, we can easily adapt the content to fit your audience perfectly, whether they be businessmen and women at a corporate function, families at a street festival, or hundreds of crazy clubbers at a nightclub show. Whatever the event, we have something for you.
With solo performances of up to 40 minutes, right through to two man shows of up to 80 minutes, The Freakshow is grown up circus, with performers pushing their own limits further than you thought possible.

Below is a small example of what they have to offer

Sword swallowing: Stuffing various swords, scissors, coat hangers, hammer handles and other assorted objects down the throat and into the stomach.
Human blockhead: Long nails, screwdrivers and ice picks are hammered deep into the head via the nose. Not enough? How about drilling into the head with an electric drill running at full speed!
Pierced weightlifting: David & Martin lift heavy weights, chairs, bowling balls and anvils using ear, tongue, arm and chest piercings.
The human beer straw: A tube is fed through the nose, down the throat, then back up and out of the mouth. Allowing the performer and brave audience members to drink their choice of beverage straight through a human head. This is an enormously popular stunt.
Thread from stomach: A long piece of strong thread is swallowed, then a small hole is cut in the body, and the thread is pulled straight out of the stomach! Incredible as this stunt is we will soon be premiering a completely new version which has never been performed before.

Straitjacket Circus - Freakshow Straitjacket Circus - Freakshow Straitjacket Circus - Freakshow Straitjacket Circus - Freakshow
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