Wire Walkers: Flying Wallendas

Location: USA

Flying WallendasImpact Artists   Flying WallendasImpact Artists

The current era of Wallendas reunited the performing family members from all three separate branches - The Flying Wallendas, The Fabulous Wallendas, and The Great Wallendas - to recreate their crowning achievement - The 7 Person Pyramid - re-establishing their legacy in circus history.

To debut the intricate maneuver the Wallendas premiered their feat for the Hamid Circus Royale during the 1998 Moslem Shrine Circus in Detroit, the scene of the Wallendas greatest tragedy 36 years before. Several attempts have been made by others to perform this intricate pyramid, but none have consistently succeeded in accomplishing the feat the way it was performed by the Wallendas, incorporating the chair and without the use of nets or safety devices of any kind.

Silver - Festival International du Cirque de Monte Carlo (2004).