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Flying Karamazov BrothersImpact Artists   Flying Karamazov BrothersImpact Artists

"4PLAY" is the title of the latest show by the Flying Karamazov Brothers, who don't fly, aren't Russian, but who are brothers, just not to each other.
From New York City, "4Play" is the latest offering from the trend-setting Brothers. This original production, without words, is directed by the charismatic Paul Magid (direction in Europe; "Osare" and "Mutamenti").
The show is a unique blend of nouveau cirque, visual music, dance, and theatre.
The Brothers mix visual fireworks, visceral physicality, and theatrical innovation to create a postmodern sensibility where anything is possible. It is a world where the Marx Brothers meet Albert Einstein.
Their method is to combine skill and scope to form a work that is passionate and kaleidoscopic. The objects, the musical instruments (traditional and invented),
and their own bodies are transformed into a fresh polyrhythmic performance.
Ground-breaking and provocative, the Karamazovs use their many talents to demonstrate
that the chaos and the unexpected events in our lives are the heart-beats and the magic that make us human.

Flying Karamazov Brothers
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