Magicians: Fluke

Location: UK

Related Acts: Rot & Jinx
FlukeImpact Artists   FlukeImpact Artists

The Wizard:
A hooded figure appears.
Gloved Hands emerge from the sleeves of a wizard's cloak and inexplicably burst into flames. The hood is pulled back to reveal a dramatic face.
Gliding around the stage an unbelievable number of balls, cards, silks and streamers are pulled from her mouth, the top of her head and even her ears! A fountain of confetti erupts from her lips. Hundreds of meters of brightly coloured silks and streamers fly into the air in a firework effect.
One silk flutters to the ground - The wizard effortlessly bends over backwards and retrieves it with her teeth. Four long multi-coloured gymnastic ribbons leap into the air with agile designs, creating a whirling, hypnotic, kaleidoscopic finale!

The Creature:
Part spider, part monkey, part unidentified!
Once described as looking like something a monster spat out!
A sack wriggles onto the stage, suddenly the creature tumbles out and contorts its limbs into unbelievably strange positions and balances. It possesses an array of unworldly goods. Candlesticks combust, candles are eaten, skulls with glowing eyes have a life of their own
This mesmeric, energetic and fiery ritual is one the audience definitely won't forget!
(The creature and its sack are also available for walkabout work)

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