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Location: UK

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Flawless are an extremely dedicated and breathtaking team, they have amazing dance abilities that will take your breath away when they bring you dance in some of the most stunning performances you've ever seen. Flawless began there journey as a dance group in Feb 2005 and since then have gone from being the UKé─˘s top Street Dance Champions, to International in just one year and most recently crowned World Hip Hop Dance Champions in 2006 by the IDO in Bremen (Germany) coming out 1st place and also the first group to get full marks from all the World Judges in Hip Hop Dance History.
Taught By one of the most aspiring young creative choreographers in the UK, Marlon "Swoosh" Wallen, who has received awards for Flawless (Best street dance group 2005) (Best Choreographed Group 2006) with many more titles to mention.
Flawless continue to appear and work in Music videos for MTV and on Big Screen, some of the stars Flawless have worked with are Madonna, Beyonce, Amerie, Victoria Beckham and many more to mention. Marlon Wallen is the main nucleus of the group, bringing professional experience as well as a new kind of choreography that's exciting and inspirational, which has also made Hip Hop Dance more appealing to the mass audience.
Managed by Amelia Benoit a former dancer and fashion director, Flawless have displayed their selves to be leaders within World street dance and the mainstream scene and are on their way up to becoming gone the most successful talented Dance Group ever to come out of the UK. If you haven't seen Flawless at work then you haven't seen the best!

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