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Location: UK

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Flash (aka Rupert Appleyard) is a performer who specialises in bringing comedy, magic and astonishment to audiences of all ages. His award winning solo shows, walkabout performances, unique balloon sculptures and presenting skills have been enthralling audiences internationally for the past six years and look set to continue for a long time yet.
By mixing his highly developed performance skills with his extensive range of off the wall characters Flash invites his audience into a comically unique and imaginative world where anything could happen and probably will. Whether he is playing his bewildered uncle Phileas Flash in one of his many crazy guises*, Elderberry the downtrodden Christmas elf, Seth the mad farmer, the most enchanting Santa youé─˘re ever likely to meet , the scurvy pirate Commodore Flash or just as himself he is guaranteed to bring a smile to even the grumpiest face.
*Phileasé─˘ characters include; explorer, doctor, aviator, mad scientist, handyman, lifeguard, secret agent, desert nomad, superhero, magician and many more.

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