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Location: USA

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Flappy T. Clown, birth name of, Flapparoo Mcgoofball, Thelonious Clown the 4th. Of course, he later shortened his name for show biz. He realized this was the best idea, after almost going bankrupt trying to pay for business cards big enough to include his entire name!
Flappy was born, on the Iddletem side of Bishwish.
If you are looking on your map, Bishwish is three blocks North East of Sillonious Lane.
It was an old home made in the early 1940s.It had antique fish binding walls and soft Whoopee cushion flooring.
Right across the street, was Fun Guses Humorous Nic Nacs, Tackle ,Bait & Gun Shop.
He was a pretty normal baby, doing the usual things; eating sleeping, screaming, and pooping.
As Flappy got older, he developed a peculiar fondness for peoples heads.
He was always looking at them.
He got older, (as kids often do), and began getting books about peoples heads, and what was inside them.
This lead to a fascination with the brain.
Throughout Junior High, he began to plan his future, of becoming a brain surgeon.
This was a severe disappointment to his parents, Bonkers, and Lemon Muffin.
They were graduates from the ole school, Dingaling and Sons Clown College.
They could not believe there son wanted to pursue this "brainy thing". Where had they gone wrong? They had failed as parents.
Had they not applied the clown teaching and makeup at an early age?
He was well schooled in the silly walk, falling down, and the proper handling of the pies in the face.
No way was any son of theirs, going to become a brain surgeon!
He was going to graduate Clown College with honers.
Their precious Flapparoo Mcgoofball was going to make people happy, by spreading laughter throughout the universe.
Flappy wanted to make his parents proud.
He decided to give it a try.
When he started applying his clown teachings, he discovered he actually enjoyed it!
He thought to himself "Hey, wait a clown rubber nose picken minute .I can still help heal people's brains. When they are feeling sad, and unhappy, I can make them feel joyful and happy.
Then their brains and heads will feel better!"
Flappy began studying everything, he could related to laughter.
He watched all the comedians from the silent era, to present day.
He studied carefully, how they moved, even their facial expressions.
How did they construct a joke or a funny thought?
How did they build a whole comedy routine?
Well, needless to say, all his hard work paid off. He did his parents proud.
He graduated at the top of his class with a B.S. in B. S., and a Masters in Tomfoolery, from Silly U.
He got a PhD in Slapschtickcannery, at the Goofonious Institute of Clownollogy, in Zany Falls Texas.
It is documented that Flappy T. Clown is certifiably silly.

Flappy the Clown Flappy the Clown Flappy the Clown
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