Walkabout: Flame Oz - Walkabout

Location: UK

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Flame Oz - WalkaboutImpact Artists   Flame Oz - WalkaboutImpact Artists

The Aztec Fun Godz are two bright, cheeky fellas well up for a bit of fun! Resplendent in red & gold sun-inspired costumes and packiné─˘ modelling balloons, magic and juggling toys in their accessory belts, this crazy dynamic duo are the perfect recipe for comic entertainment.

The Fluid Druid is the master of the entrancing new circus art form known as Contact Juggling; the manipulation of crystal balls.
With incredible skill these spheres deftly slide, float, dance and glide around this serene characteré─˘s hands, arms and body with a grace and precision that will both amaze and astound you.

Flame Oz - Walkabout Flame Oz - Walkabout Flame Oz - Walkabout Flame Oz - Walkabout
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