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Location: Ukraine

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The creation of é─˛Fine Linesé─˘ began in Germany when Joanna and Vlad met while working at the Friedrichstadt Palast in Berlin, Germany.

After completing her education majoring in classical ballet and contemporary dance, Joanna danced professionally in Asia and Europe, including the é─˛Moulin Rougeé─˘ in Paris. Vladé─˘s career as an acrobatic base has also taken him around the world, even as a student where as a member of the Ukraineé─˘s National Acrobatic Team he won major international competitions such as the European Sports Acrobatics Championships.

Combining Joannaé─˘s experience as a dancer, and Vladé─˘s acrobatic technique, é─˛Fine Linesé─˘ has produced several acts on silks, aerial ring, flying silks, and an acrobatic adagio. All the acts concentrate on smooth, organic movement, making use of beautiful lines and a strong emotional connection between the artists.

Fine Lines - aerial Fine Lines - aerial Fine Lines - aerial Fine Lines - aerial
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