Shows: Fear No Ice

Location: USA

Fear No IceImpact Artists   Fear No IceImpact Artists

The lights dim, leaving only up lighting on the stage. Fog billows from the stage, spot lights roam the room searching for the source of the music as video art is projected on to a white scrim screen set behind the stage. (Fear No Ice uses their own original soundtrack and video art.) What is happening, the audience anticipation mounts as Fear No Ice costumed performers (Ice Men) begin their approach to the stage stopping to interact with pre-selected guests still leaving the audience with wonder of what is yet to come and chuckles from the playful banter with guests until they finally reach the stage.

Onstage the music explodes as the Ice Men (IM) don their chainsaws and chisels to unveil a massive wall of ice, finally offering the audience a glimpse of what is about to unfold in front of their very eyes. You have five shows to select from and you decide if Fear No Ice opens, closes or takes place in the middle of your overall program. In some shows a screen made of snow and shards of ice are stripped away as the IM carve and sculpt to ultimately reveal your logo hidden behind the wall. Throughout this process performers continue to engage the audience bringing an element of surprise and laughter....jumping on and off the stage with umbrellas to shield guests from flying ice and snow; placing a sculpted ice frame in front of a guest while a Polaroid snapshot is taken; offering a foot massage to a guest as their foot is placed on a block of ice hidden under a table. Audience interaction is endless and always improvised as the crowd craves the attention of the Ice Men. Once your creation has been revealed a waiter passes through the room with a tray of cocktails. As one of the IM commandeers the cocktails, the other produces sculpted ice beer mugs or martini glasses. After the drinks have been poured in to the ice mugs a toast is offered to the audience. The lights dim, the IM disappear. In fifteen minutes a masterpiece has been created and your room has been transformed into a party!

Fear No Ice challenges you... Just try to top this at next years party!

Fear No Ice Fear No Ice Fear No Ice Fear No Ice Fear No Ice
Fear No Ice Fear No Ice Fear No Ice
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