Stilts: Falsefeet

Location: UK

FalsefeetImpact Artists   FalsefeetImpact Artists

Sisters are doing it for themselves!
Meet Hyacinth and Petunia, Daddy's 'little' flowers. Some call them ugly; they prefer unique. It's party time and the girls are here to liven up the place. They're on the hunt for a prince...or two. Ladies hold on to your men; Gentlemen hold on to your bachelorhood!
This double act works wonderfully as greeters at the door or mingling with the crowd. One thing's for won't be hard to see (or hear) them coming! See you at the Ball!

White Russian
This Russian beauty brings a touch of Muscovite splendour to any event accompanied by her faithful Cossack soldier. Up high on their illuminated stilts they mingle amongst the crowd with dignity and poise twirling and floating surrounded by the soft white glow of their tiara and bearskin. The perfect act for any winter wonderland or Christmas event.

Falsefeet Falsefeet Falsefeet Falsefeet Falsefeet
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