Walkabout: Fair Play

Location: UK

Fair PlayImpact Artists   Fair PlayImpact Artists

Ron & Don:
As loveable rogues, Ron and Don are two east End wide boys with their eye on the main chance. With a background in executive car acquisition (Somebody else's dream car could be yours!) and management of the infamous Night Club (The Twisted Knife in Bow), the pair are at home in the corporate world or on the street. With replica car lots sewn into their jackets (test drives available) and a multitude of deals and stories, Ron and Don are ideal for meet and greet or general mingling.

Christmas Elves:
With the enormous increase in the number of children, Santa has just got too busy to check the list a second time. To sort out this problem he has asked the elves to use their goodometer - behavior monitoring machine, to check as many as possible. Using the latest in Elf technology, the goodometer is simple enough for humans to use. Just place your hand on the front plate, and the machine will read your thoughts and light up the appropriate category (good, borderline or bad) The machine requires no power supply and can be taken almost anywhere... Guaranteed Christmas fun.

Intergalactic Headonists:
Two space rangers are sent by the interplanetary police to hunt down dangerous aliens believed to be on Earth. These characters, unfortunately appear to have forgotten their original mission and have become addicted to using their mind probes (fantastic head massaging tools). Dressed in their best uniforms and cruising the country on SCABs (Standard Class Astro Buggies), the Intergalactic Headonists create superb interactions with people of all ages.

Terrys Carpet Bizarre
Terrys Carpet Bizarre takes to the road, putting the freshness back into the rug trade. Theyve scoured every corner of southeast London for the worlds finest weaves and are now ready to save your soles.
Youll find out how carpet can reduce crime, why bare boards can lead to baldness and what Tom Selleck has been doing for the last ten years. And then theres the genuine flying carpetĶ
So Roll up! Roll up! your old carpet and come see this fantastic Fair Play show.

Fair Play Fair Play
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Press Credits:
Any festival would not be complete without Fair Play.
Not only were they hilarious but professional and a joy to work with - Gillian, UZ Productions