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Location: Russia

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So, the time has come, gentlemen...
We are leaving for unknown far away...
Have a sit, make yourself comfortable, relax, calm down...
All your troubles remained far away behind the walls
The breeze is steady, the pulse is hearing...
Cross the threshold here, you have received your ticket,
There is no way back! You will make -
An exciting journey of the imagination!!!

Where flight of fancy will carry out us?
Back - to the source of universe
And to the origin of world civilization?
Or forward, to the harmony of the universe,
Where conquered space will open door for us
Into mysterious confederation of all outer-space worlds?..

Who knows?
Let the lucky chance
Be your conductor through the space and time
So let us go...

Epatage Epatage Epatage Epatage Epatage
Epatage Epatage
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