Acrobats: Enkhee Tumendelger

Location: USA

Enkhee TumendelgerImpact Artists   Enkhee TumendelgerImpact Artists

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia is her place of birth; and Mongolia is renowned around the world for developing artists performing the art of contortion. Her journey to becoming a contortionist began at the age of 5; even though at that time, at heart, she wanted to become a circus clown. Her family has been, and still is, very supportive in her choice to become the best possible contortionist she can be. This loving support helped her win several medals from 1991 to 1995. From 1984 to 1990 she trained in the Mongolian State Circus and went on to tour around the world with the Mongolian State Circus from 1992 to 1997.
This journey then took her to the amazing Cirque Du Soleil "O" show at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Participating in an elegant display of contortion over a stage of water was truly life changing.
She has also been involved in several movies, television shows and participated in a national ad campaign for the "Got Milk?" ad campaign developed by the California Milk Processor Board. In 2003 she was able to enjoy touring with Paul McCartney on the "Back in the World" Tour. During December of 2003, she participated in a performance of "The Nutcracker", where she performed a contortionist display during the Arabian Dance and performed foot juggling in the Russian Dance. Throughout 2003 and 2004, she performed in many galas, conventions and corporate events.

Enkhee Tumendelger Enkhee Tumendelger Enkhee Tumendelger
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