Stilts: Empress Stilts

Location: New Zealand, The Netherlands and Australia

Empress StiltsImpact Artists   Empress StiltsImpact Artists

Now based in three countries the spectacular EMPRESS Stiltdance is launching world class stilt acts into more places than ever before.
Specialising in festivals, parades, corporate and family events the professional EMPRESS stilt-dancers have delighted thousands of audiences with their beautiful costumes and fluid dance quality. The public can interact with the roving stilt duo or be held spell-bound by the show choreographies, leaving everyone with a dazzling memory of the event.
Originally from Christchurch-New Zealand, Emily Buttle (designer/director) spent 10 years based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, founding and establishing EMPRESS STILTDANCE. Since starting out solo in 1996 the spectacular EMPRESS characters have performed at hundreds of events and appeared in magazines, newspapers and web-sites all over the world. Over the last 10 years EMPRESS has employed over 25 performers, and now spans three countries.
EMPRESS has developed into a company of highly skilled female stilt performers presenting beautifully designed acts. Gorgeously simple walkabouts, club dancing, television appearances, choreographed openings acts, commissioned works and full-scale theatre collaborations.
EMPRESS STILTDANCE has become one of The Netherlands leading stilt companies, and is now managed by Saskia Te Dorsthorst. In 2006 Emily set up a new branch in Australia, led by Jodie Foreman and based now in New Zealand, Emily is giving EMPRESS a home and NZ identity.

Empress Stilts Empress Stilts
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