Aerialists: Empress Stah

Location: UK

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Empress Stah is an internationally renowned circus cabaret performer. In 2003 she received a Jerwood Circus Award for her solo show Swinging from the Chandelier.

Trapeze Artist:
An accomplished aerialist, Stah will amaze any audience from a sophisticated lounge crowd to mad and up for it clubbers. She can perform on a Swinging or Static Trapeze, Web rope or Pink Sling. Her dazzling array of costumes include a 1920s Style Diamante Encrusted Flesh Body Stocking, Burlesque Nipple Tassels, High Heels, Frilly Knickers, Vegas Showgirl Feather Bikini, and a Slick Rubber Catsuit.

The Chandelier:
This opulent Chandelier is hand crafted from stainless steel. Standing 1.5m high and 2m in diameter, it has 18 arms with fully operational light fixtures. Rigging points at its base are designed to accommodate a Trapeze, Rope, or Sling. Purpose built it packs into a flight case for touring.

Madames Butterfly Stilt Geisha:
These two Couture 'Stilt Geisha' have been crafted from 100% latex rubber and cut from authentic kimono patterns, with much research being done into hair styling, traditional fabric prints and makeup. Ideal as meet and greet hostesses and walkabout entertainment.

Cabaret Performer:
Combining an eclectic range of skills to create brilliant and twisted storylines is Stahs speciality. Shows may include Trapeze, Body Piercing, Ballet or Tap Dancing, Fan Dancing, Lip Synching, Nipple Tassel Twirling, Spoken Word, Mime, Nudity etc. Chereographed to an original soundtrack with acute attention to detail , each show is a masterpiece of comic flare. Please enquire for more specific details.