Jugglers: Emmet Louis

Location: UK

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Emmet Louis is an accomplished juggler and seasoned performer.

His training is extensive and varied, from gymanastics and sports acrobatics to yoga and martial arts. His first encounter with juggling occured during his study of Physics at Trinity College in his native Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Deciding to opt for a more hands on approach he eventually began training circus full time, ultimately preferring this form of experimantal exploration of underlying universal principles. Emmet's study led him to the Circus Space, London, where he broadened his training in acrobatics and dance with teachers including Heidi Rustgard (h2d). He chose to specicalise in Diabolo and had the benefit of instructors such as Sergei Ignatov, Julian (Vux) Vuilet, Owen Reynolds and Rod Laver. He has recently been awarded his BA(Hons) from the Circus Space.

Emmet Louis Emmet Louis Emmet Louis Emmet Louis
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