Jugglers: Emile Epstein

Location: UK

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Futuristic Man
Straight from the next century with a mesmeric mix of animatronic and slow motion. He magic's a crystal ball across his body, juggles and club swings light clubs in hypnotic patterns - androgynous as well as ambidextrous.

Emile is also able to offer...
Juggler, Fire Artiste, Living Statue, Unicyclist (Chromolly Man), Stilt Walker, Mime Artist

Emile has worked as an all round entertainer for the last 12 years and has been performing for the last 18 years. He learned circus skills at 'Fooltime', Britain's premier circus school.

He started performing in Zippo's Circus where he worked for 5 years doing a juggling and tightrope act. From there he worked for 6 years at Chessington World of Adventures doing a 30 minute market square show as well as queue line entertainment.

Whilst at Chessington, he started doing corporate work and also studied mime and physical theatre at Desmond Jones School of Mime to extend his performing.

This diversity of disciplines has enabled him to suit his performance to almost any venue and given him the the ability to use circus skills of a high level with personality and characterisation.

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