Acrobats: Elena Borodina

Location: USA

Elena BorodinaImpact Artists   Elena BorodinaImpact Artists

To see the performance of "Silencio" is an aesthetic and sensual experience. This balancing act on a white cube is no ordinary handstand routine, it is a work of art, a moving sculpture in which the human form is transformed by a flowing transparent veils.
The fascinating interplay of music and movement was choreographed by Valentin Gneouchev.
"Silencio" was presented in the theater-variete "Wintergarten" Berlin and "Roncalli's Apollo" Diisseldorf, "Friedrischbau variety" in Stuttgart as well in the "Weihnachtszirkusfestival" Freiburg and the "Circus Princessan Festival" in Stockholm, Sweden,
Teatro ZinZanni in San Francisco, USA.

Elena Borodina Elena Borodina Elena Borodina Elena Borodina
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Silver medal at the festival "Cirque de Demain 2001" in Paris, France.
Franciss Bronett Memorial Prize, "Cirkus Princessan," 1998