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Location: UK

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Eclipsearts troupe are experienced in a combination of performance skills, working predominantly in Ultra-violet, we create dynamic abstract visuals, sci-fi alien puppetry, juggling, and dance combine to create mind-blowing illusions.
Our company members are all trained in circus, theater, and dance, combining these skills to produce spectacular results.

Eclipse is choreographed to its own music, and is also adaptable as a freestyle show to suit your music and venue.

Eclipse the stage show involves four performers, 30 - 35 min long and can be broken into segments if required:
Elvis and Grob, the fun loving groovy aliens have crash landed on your planet. You'll be amazed at the eye catching flashing spinning spiral. Watch the dancing ribbons move faster than the eye can follow, the butterfly and flower hoops, morphing into mind bending patterns. All leave bright coloured trails behind as if they have come alive. We meet the curious space manta ray, the beautiful ethereal jelly fish and the slinky flying serpent. Suddenly the reason behind this gathering becomes clear, the friendly dancing sun is eclipsed by the moon. The new dawn emerges and Elvis and Grob celebrate the phenomenon of the eclipse.
Life size alien puppets,
A solar eclipse,
Programmable glo ball juggling,

Eclipsearts Eclipsearts Eclipsearts Eclipsearts Eclipsearts
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