Aerialists: Duo Pospelov

Location: Ukraine

Duo PospelovImpact Artists   Duo PospelovImpact Artists

Oleg POSPELOV (born 1979) graduated from the Kiev National University of Theatre and Cinema Arts (2001) and the Kiev State College of Circus and Variety Arts (2003)
Julia POSPELOV (born 1985) graduated from the Kiev State College of Circus & Variety Arts (2005) both as aerial gymnasts.
Julia & Oleg got acquainted in 2001 during their studies at Circus College. They began to perform in circus groups touring all over Ukraine with solo acts on straps, aerial hoop and contortion in 2002. They began to practice together on aerial tissues in November 2002 and gave the first public performance of the act in April 2003 in Kiev, one month after their marriage.
Their act is a deeply romantic story with heart-breakingly dramatic music, in which the beautiful feeling of love is both passionate and tragic. The act requires both physical strength and endurance to perform the complicated gymnastic elements and the skill of dramatic actor to bring this atmosphere to spectators - to unite variety of tricks and variety of feelings in one. The black tissue closes the eyes of the lovers, it becomes the symbol of blindness love has no eyes. The entire act built on contrasts the lyrical beginning changes with temperamental and tempestuous middle and after the powerful culmination full of emotions, pain and despair the final approaches bringing tranquillity and relief.

Duo Pospelov Duo Pospelov Duo Pospelov Duo Pospelov Duo Pospelov
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