Acrobats: Duo Iouvilov

Location: Italy

Duo IouvilovImpact Artists   Duo IouvilovImpact Artists

In 1995 Samantha Larible and Ernest Iouvilov decided to create a new act - a rare "Pas de deux" beyond compare. The creation of a duo: the Duo Iouvilov.

Contortion, acrobatics, ballet and emotion. This spectacular and unique act was awarded, for two consecutive years, with the 1st prize at the World Adagio Acrobatic Competition, in Blackpool, England.
A "pas de deux" with music from Swan Lake.

The choreographer Ernest Iouvilov goes back to the origin of the devils myth, creating a modern masterpiece in both its background and form. A rare "pas de deux", this blend of dance contortion and acrobatics is infused in mystery and thrills. Devils brings a dark atmosphere with two charming princes of evil, swathed in rich black and red costumes. They come onto the stage to provoke our senses: while they perform various acrobatic figures that demand great feats of strength and flexibility.
An avante garde fairy tale of passion, competition and temptation.

An acrobatic handstand and contortion act that uses a metal cage to add a new dimension to this elegant, fresh and modern act. The duo demonstrate perfect harmony while fusing power and grace.
This entrancing act has an underwater feel.

Dream Gate:
Duo Iouvilov's adagio sensation. Between black and white, strength and fragility.

Duo Iouvilov Duo Iouvilov Duo Iouvilov Duo Iouvilov Duo Iouvilov
Duo Iouvilov Duo Iouvilov Duo Iouvilov Duo Iouvilov Duo Iouvilov
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