Acrobats: Duo Extasia

Location: Canada

Duo ExtasiaImpact Artists   Duo ExtasiaImpact Artists

Considered one of the most innovative concept in contortion, Duo Extasia offers a unique combination of grace, poetry, outstanding physical ability and live music, in a memorable conception that combines fascinating circus skills and sophisticated elegance. For the very first time, a musician also acting as a physical partner while playing his saxophone.

Jacynthe Normandeau has been performing professionally around the world since 1973, with great companies such as "Cirque du Soleil", "Les Grand Ballets Canadiens", "Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal" , "Cirque Eloize", "Norwegian Cruise Line", just to name a few...

Duo Extasia Duo Extasia Duo Extasia Duo Extasia Duo Extasia
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