Aerialists: Dream Engine

Location: UK

Related Acts: Heliosphere
Dream EngineImpact Artists   Dream EngineImpact Artists

The Candle:
A giant transparent candle is illuminated against the night sky. At the top an air-filled é─˙flameé─¨ flickers. The structure is 8m high and supported entirely by air pressure. As the soundtrack begins, the audience is drawn to it and begins to see movement inside. An aerialist cocooned in silks emerges, and then suspended from them, spirals and gyrates. The effect is hypnotic and bewitching. The music reaches its climax and, in a swirl of flutterfetti, the aerialist rolls down the length of the silks and the lights dim. The show creates an hypnotic spectacle which draws crowds out of the darkness to gather around it. 3 x 8 minutes

The Diamond:
Evoking lines of gothic vaulted ceilings, this structure has resonances from the past but is definitely something from the future. Filling with air from flat, it inverts, and, lifting the aerialist with it, the Diamond creates images of a giant unfolding orchid before achieving a full 11m high, a taut crystalline form. Lighting changes colour on the internal and external facets while the aerialist dances at seven metres high inside.
This show is available floating on water.

The Wishbone:
A costumed aerialist harnessed into The Wishbone frame is counterbalanced into a state of perfect equilibrium. Subtle shifts of body weight over three rotational axes control speed and direction and allow her to move to any position, moving from graceful swoops and arcs to dynamic flips and spins.
The installation is paged into position from the ground or platform to any height; the performance is choreographed to music and lasts between five and fifteen minutes. With careful use of lighting The Wishbone frame disappears. Pyrotechnic effects concealed on the other end of the frame create a spectacular finale.

The Conedancers
A boy and a girl dressed in traditional folk dancersé─˘ costumes dance formally around the outside of the Cone. As the dance progresses the formality is thrown off along with some of the clothes as a game of chase and longing ensues. Then in the tradition of the May Day and Beltane rituals of the past, the chase ends with a spectacular finale: A kiss.
Using bi-directional harnesses the performers have four different axes of rotation and can access the top to the bottom of the Cone. The illusion is gravity defying and extraordinary.

Dream Engine Dream Engine Dream Engine Dream Engine Dream Engine
Dream Engine Dream Engine Dream Engine Dream Engine Dream Engine
Dream Engine Dream Engine Dream Engine Dream Engine
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