Walkabout: Dodgy Totty

Location: UK

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Dodgy TottyImpact Artists   Dodgy TottyImpact Artists

The Ladies of the Waves
This is a ten minute non-verbal comedy show set entirely to music, in which three é─˛ladies of a certain ageé─˘ perform a competitive dry-land synchronised swimming routine. The ladies are also available for walkabout / mix and mingle should this be required.
Suitable for cabaret slots, festivals, water themed events.

The Wish Team
A walkabout show in which two to four rather sour-tempered fairies mingle with the crowd, granting wishes to lucky passers-by. Souvenir é─˛wish vouchersé─˘ are distributed to be taken home and used at a later point.
Suitable for childrens parties and other family events, festivals, fairy / magic themed events.
The tougher fairies are also suitable for corporate events é─ý meet and greet or mix and mingle.

Best in Show
Our three unusual ladies from a universe far away have arrived on earth to judge the human show. They will mingle with the crowds, and when they find an award-winning specimen they snap a souvenir photo and slap particular achievement on it. Each award winner gets to keep the celebratory image. Awards include é─˛Most dashing Male specimené─˘, é─˛Best leggy blondeé─˘, and the é─˛The Wayne Sleep Award for Services to Movementé─˘.
Perfect for balls, parties and corporate events. Commissioned by ING for the 2006 Charity Fundraiser.

The Drainspotters
An interactive static show, in which campaign group The Worthing Drainspotters Association will come and set up their display table at your event. Expect to be enlisted into the fight to Save the Drain, with the help of badges, leaflets, and campaign magazine é─˛Manhole Monthlyé─˘. If you show a particular aptitude for saving the species, you may even be invited into the company office for a one-to-one chat and enrolment.
Suitable for festivals, street theatre, and for meet and greet at a variety of events.

Sisters of Elvis
These are three intergalactic femmes fatales on a mission, who will mingle with the crowds on the lookout for Elvis Presley DNA. If they think an audience member possesses it they will distract them with a small routine set to Elvis music (the routine you get depends on the level of your Elvis DNA). At the end of the routine they extract the DNA with the snap of a Polaroid, which you may get to take home as a souvenir if you are lucky.
Suitable for corporate events, space themed parties, pink or 50s themed parties, and of course Elvis themed events!

Ghostly Victorian Lady and her otherworldly maid
Available as a solo or duo act
This act is perfect for Halloween and any event requiring unusual, spooky entertainment.
The lady and her maid will mix and mingle with the crowd, leaving the skin tingling as they pass on their way.
The lady wheels a strangely small perambulator, from which we hear the sound of a baby crying, of a horror theme tune, of distant screams...the sound effects can be chosen especially for your event.
The act is exquisitely delivered by trained, professional actors, who bring just the right edge of the underworld to this chilling piece.

Dodgy Totty Dodgy Totty Dodgy Totty Dodgy Totty
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