Aerialists: Dmitriy Grygorov and Olesia Shulga

Location: Ukraine

  Dmitriy Grygorov and Olesia ShulgaImpact Artists  

Dmitriy and Olesia present their duo straps act, "Flight of Passion."
Dmitriy was born in 1976 in Ukraine. Upon finishing school, he started to make his first steps into the art of circus. He went on to work with the Ukranian State Circus on the trapeze. This act, which displayed dynamism and complex tricks, was executed without a safety harness.
He has since created a solo straps act, which he performed in the Ukranian and Russian State Circuses.
Olesia was born in 1977, and started sports acrobatics at the age of 5. Over the next 16 years, she won numerous awards including "Ukranian Master of Sports." She then went on to work with Cirque du Soleil, performing aerial hoops in "Quidam."
In 2003, Dmitriy met Olesia, and together they started work on a duo straps act-and "Flight of Passion" was born.

Dmitriy Grygorov and Olesia Shulga
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