Weird: Divine Company - Fire

Location: UK

Divine Company - FireImpact Artists   Divine Company - FireImpact Artists

The Fire Gown

A 10 minute Fire performance, set to Baché─˘s Passacaglia. This beautiful classical soundtrack is not the music featured in the video below. It cané─˘t be cut short without butchering it, which we couldné─˘t bear to do!
The Fire Gown really is a unique piece. Highly skilled, elegant, lyrical, and dramatic, it is of course performed by classically trained dancers.

Geisha Flame

Unique and exceptionally beautiful dance of flames.
This exquisite piece is performed by three Divine Geisha (length can be adapted to suit)

Mimi le Cat

Meow! Mimi is on fire.
Sweltering sensual performance from the Divine Pussycat, steady tiger!

Divine Company - Fire
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