Artists: Die Strassenmaler

Location: Germany

Die StrassenmalerImpact Artists   Die StrassenmalerImpact Artists

You will almost certainly not have had much contact with street painting until now. Therefore we are very happy that you have found us here. For us, street painting is our profession which we have been exercising for years. Following the clich?s, in the beginning we travelled around the world thus collecting a huge amount of expertises, which, later-on, melted together into a double pack, forming a solid basis in business life.
Due to a lot of contacts with agencies, companies and other clients for many years we are in a position to offer the optimum concept for your event. There are various possibilities to present street painting. These are harmonized with the local situation, the kind of event and individual factors. Every single painting is unique when we set up the concept and the work for your event.

The classic version is the copy of an old masterpiece painted directly onto the ground. But what sense would it be in reproducing some old piece of art by Rembrandt on the presentation of the new Smart or any other new product? What is the weather going to be like on the event and of what consistancy is the asphalt? We have found out that painting on a canvas which is then fixed to the ground is the better solution in many ways. Not only the fact of mobility but also the possibility to prepare ambitious pictures in the studio are advantages for this kind of presentation of street painting.

Die Strassenmaler Die Strassenmaler Die Strassenmaler
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