Walkabout: Los Kaos - Devils

Location: UK

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Devil Salesman:
Deals good enough to sell your soul for... Great for promotional events, the Underworld sales team will tap into markets beyond your wildest dreams (or nightmares?) A highly-skilled and dynamic sales force: how can your launch event or party afford to be without us? Tempted? You should be! Book us now (before it's too late).
A really fiery start to your promotional campaign, the devils boast at least one degree in advertising amongst them and over 2004 years of persuasion, trickery and foul play.
An Underworld sales team isn't just for Halloween either - why not warm up those winter sales or add a little sulphur to the summer rush, or maybe even a little devilish passion to your Valentine's Day?
Wherever there are people to be tempted or a party to be had, you can rely on our full participation.

Talk of the Devil:
A 10-foot-high Devil (on stilts) and his amiable gimp demon.
Don't be fooled by their appearance, damnation is the last thing on their minds. Taking advantage of the rare occasion to get the sulphur out of their lungs, they are happy to wander around checking up on humanity.
They are a strongly visual duo. The act can be tailored to an event, made more or less scary with the addition of coloured contact lenses and flaming trident, or more fetishy with a clothing adjustment or two...
Ideal for all types of work: corporate, nightclubs, parades, promotions etc.

Devil Tourists:
Good enough to sell your soul for the Devils, smartly attired in dark suits or strangely clad in fur coats, are very interested in you.
Enjoying time out from the Underworld, they want to know all about the world you inhabit and what you do whilst biding your time in it - so much so that they have devised an entire marketing survey... Oblivious to the crowds they are attracting, the Devils are only too keen to stop and chat to anyone.
Suitable for walkabout, corporate functions, promotions, parades, nightclubs, etc.
General fire mayhem is also possible, with fire jugglers, eaters, chain swingers etc. available on request.

Los Kaos - Devils Los Kaos - Devils Los Kaos - Devils Los Kaos - Devils Los Kaos - Devils
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