Jugglers: Dan Menendez

Location: USA

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The originator of the most memorable variety act of all time Ķ Dan has been seen on television in 22 countries, by millions of people!

Dan Menendez combines comedy, juggling and music for his performance as "The Piano Juggler". The act is perfect for the intimacy of a television studio, or to captivate thousands in a large arena. Dan Menendez is the originator of one of the most unique variety acts of all time.

He performs a 25-35 minute show, which includes:
The worlds only "Bounce Piano"- a floor keyboard on which Dan bounce juggles up to five balls, playing classical music.
A one of a kind "Bounce Cello"- a cello mounted on a pogo stick which is wildly ridden around the stage while being played.
Juggling violins, ball spinning, and other technical juggling skills make for an unforgettable musical comedy extravaganza!

Dan Menendez Dan Menendez Dan Menendez
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Press Credits:
"That's really Impressive !"- Jay Leno
Immediately following Dan's appearance on the Tonight Show, Johnny Carson exclaimed - "Now that's show biz, folks!"