Weird: Dai Andrews

Location: USA

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Sword Swallower and Escapologist:
Are you looking for something truly new, exciting, and different? Dai Andrews is definitely one of a kind.

Dai's unique and varied set of skills sets him far apart from regular magicians and jugglers, yet his new and refreshing performance style places him light years ahead of other "Sideshow Acts". Additionally, his performances never contain any blue humor and he always treats his audience with respect. "I do the nastiest possible things in the nicest possible way".

From Baltimore to Barcelona, London to Prague, Dai Andrews has traveled the world over bringing his unforgettable style of variety theater to people everywhere. Dai performs acts of Sword Swallowing, Fire Eating, Magic, Escape Artistry, Iron Body, and other skills mixed with a healthy dose of comedy to the delight of spectators everywhere.

Press Credits:
"The Worlds Greatest Sword Swallower"
JR Moeringer, The Los Angeles Times