Walkabout: Cybertech

Location: UK

CybertechImpact Artists   CybertechImpact Artists

CYBER-TECH creators of Robots and Speciality Characters.

Primo: (above left.)
Primo is 6ft 3 in of glitzy polished metal.
He is able to communicate with your guests, even in noisy environments. He is able to sing and dance and has many sound effects to suit the mood for every occasion.
Primo works very well for meet and greet situations and also at events when maximum impact is required.

Servo Dummies: (above right.)
Servo Dummies are unique moving mannequins that move slow precise robotics synchronised with a servo motor effect with each movement.
Because of this unique sound effect, many people believe the Servo Dummies are real humanlike robots covered in rubber flesh.
Servo Dummies provide a unique attraction for exhibitions an conferences. They are are also useful for themed events and usual festivities such as Christmas and Halloween. If a particular theme or costume is required, Servo Dummies can be tailoured to most requirements.
The most popular Servo Dummy is the Waiter, The character is capable of serving food and drink to all guests at dinner functions.
The Servo Dummy Waiter is now available with electronically luminous facial prosthetics.
A package presentation with Junior the robot as a meet and greet and The Waiter to serve food and drink in the latter part of the performance is currently on offer.

Borg-Stiff: (see below)
Borg-Stiff is based on the Star Trek character the Borg and is very much in demand for all types of events.
Borg-Stiff comes complete with functioning light displays, servo motor sounds and a professional robotic artiste to bring the Borg presence alive.
All this and YES! batteries are included.
Be part of the borg collective.

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