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Location: UK

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Midsummers/Winters Night Dream:
A special corporate package, this show has been themed both for summer and winter and consists of two stiltwalkers and four or five acrobats performing meet & greet walkabout and a 10 minute acrobatic show
...... As guests arrive, fairy statues are dotted around the room. After some time they come to life one by one and play around the guests doing flips and somersaults. Towards the end of drinks the stiltwalkers emerge as Oberon and Titania or The Ice King and Queen and mingle. The whole troop helps usher guests into dinner and during coffee the fairies perform a 10 minute acrobatic show while the stiltwalkers look on. For the acrobatic show we need a performing area of at least 20' square and a PA for the soundtrack. The costumes are sensitive to UV light so its presence is a bonus.

A Curious Wonderland:
Scenes available;
Alice chases the White Rabbit: Alice on stilts chasing the White Rabbit around the guests. Where children are present Alice enlists them to help her.
The Caterpillar: This character makes a wonderful installation as he is so visible and can wax lyrical to anybody who will listen - or give out useful info if appropriate.
"The Queen's Big Number": a 3 minute dance number set to Queen's "A Killer Queen". Needs a stage/dancefloor space of at least 12' x 18' and a PA.
Croquet: There are several versions of the croquet scene which vary from a strictly choreographed 10 minute scene with or without a musical soundtrack to an improvised version of 'chaos croquet' that can travel through and around the guests.
The Cheshire Cat: Where rigging is possible the Cheshire Cat can perform a 5 minute routine on a trapeze and/or hang around for up to 20 minutes giving guests ridiculous directions.
The Tea Party: The Mad Hatter, the March Hare and the Dormouse all follow the walking table around until it decides to sit still for long enough for them to have a cup of tea. At some point they meet up with Alice who becomes engaged in "the stupidest tea party I have ever seen". The scene is a combination of acrobalance moves, teacup passing routines and text.
The Cards: Up to six Cards perform slapstick acrobatics and clowning.