Walkabout: Creature Feature

Location: UK

Creature FeatureImpact Artists   Creature FeatureImpact Artists

Four Mountain Gorillas and their comic intrepid explorer. The Gorillas look and behave like real mountain gorillas, which the general public find fascinating. The explorer is the link between the public and the gorillas. Although s/he can be a comic character, s/he imparts valuable information to the public concerning the gorillas habitat, habits and general doé─˘s and doné─˘ts when in the mountain gorillasé─˘ vicinity. As the Mountain Gorilla is almost extinct this act is not just entertaining but, as importantly, also informative.

Gorilla characters are: The Silverback - 600 pounds of prime, dominant male. He sits down a lot, lies down a lot, plays a little when he can be bothered and generally gets treated like a king! The Female - Flea pickiné─˘, pit scratchiné─˘, hen pecking, loviné─˘ mother. She sits down a lot grooming Silverback and Juveniles and plays quite a lot. The Juveniles - Two furry balls of cute, cuddly mayhem. They climb, tumble, walk and run in quadruped and biped and play all the time.

The Explorer: Indiana/Diane Smith the intrepid scientist who brought the family to Britain. Gorillas, by nature, are very gentle and passive animals and will be happy to slowly explore your event and its guests with a bit of spontaneous mayhem thrown in for good measure (flea picking facilities for guests come at no extra cost)..

Creature Feature Creature Feature Creature Feature Creature Feature
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