Acrobats: Crazy Flight

Location: Ukraine

Crazy FlightImpact Artists   Crazy FlightImpact Artists

Human brain, our thoughts and feelings are a great mystery. In our crazy world - with its fast-moving life full of increasing strain, where man-caused limits squeeze the human individuality like vice, where the mind is forced to work till exhaustion - ité─˘s extremely hard to maintain one's consciousness safe, and it's even harder to preserve one's own "self". Where is that fragile verge between the sound mind and madness? Can madness be existence within some strange dimension where everything is arranged according to quit different - and maybe far more perfect-logical rules, or can it be liberation of mind from the chains of commonness, a fly into extraterrestrial world?.. The fly where you need neither wings nor jet engines...
You simply say
One ...
two ...
three -
Off we go
F L Y I N G !..

Crazy Flight Crazy Flight Crazy Flight Crazy Flight Crazy Flight
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