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Corpus Acrobatic Theatre is an international company of performers based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, that has been staging spectacular acrobatics shows over the world. Corpus has added lustre to a great number of national and international shows and events such as:
Spain Konika Minolta (2004) , DJ Tiesto in Concert (2004), Sensation Black& White Edition Amsterdam Ajax Stade (2003-2004-2005), the opening Ceremony of the European Artistic Gymnastics Championship (2004), the Opening Ceremony of "The Night of the Euro" in Maastricht (2001) , the Cannes Festival (1996) and national and international theatre tours.
The choreography and scripts are made by artistic director Vincent Michels working with a international cast of top acrobats.

Current Productions include:

Nemo's Nautilus:
Corpus Acrobatic Theatre presents in 2005-2006 "Nemo's Nautilus". A hommage to Jules Verne, a Multi-Media spectacle with an international cast of top acrobats, original music, Video-Art, and the well-known Dutch actor Peter Faber plays Jules Verne.

The Living Planet:
"The living planet" is a sixty-minute open air spectacle about the creation of the Earth, performed by Corpus Acrobatic Theatre and accompanied by Circle Percussion.

Corpus Acrobatic Theatre Corpus Acrobatic Theatre
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