Jugglers: Claudius Specht


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Simply elegant, contagiously dynamic, and excitingly fast. Claudius Specht's gentle personal manner onstage is a calming contrast to his focus on blinding speed.
He juggles clubs, cups and the laws of gravity but more than merely juggling them; he engages them in a three dimensional dance. The tempo is breathtaking.
The technical perfection and astounding skills of this stylish Swiss entertainer are highlighted by his irresistible charm and the obvious pleasure that he takes in the art of juggling.
Claudius' passion began at the age of seven and since then he has won numerous awards including the prestigious International Variet? Award 2003. He has appeared on television, in theatres, circus rings, and galas all over Europe, the USA, Japan and elsewhere.
Experience the fireworks of first-rate entertainment.

Claudius Specht Claudius Specht Claudius Specht Claudius Specht
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2003 - International Variete Award