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Cabaret at the end of the world:
Since 2003 Cirque idyllic have been challenging and enchanting audiences throughout Europe with their seminal show "Cabaret at the End of the World".
A darkly comic journey into the heart of a jaded cabaret club - the last bastion of pleasure in a world on the brink of collapse - it explores the paradoxical nature of our pleasure seeking society.
Our sleazy despotic Madame, Bella Donna, indulges her artistes vices, bending their reality to believe they're safer inside, away from the horrors of the outside world. That she, not freedom, is the key to their happiness. However, she under estimates the curiosity burning in her child star who, despite increasingly unsettling reprimand from Madame and her complicit girls, determines to see what lies on the other side of the door.
A perfectly unique, theatrical musical, played out to a superb,original musical score against a backdrop of high skill, character-rich aerial; silks, cloudswing, trapeze, bungee, swinging trapeze, and macabre variety acts.

The show, which is ordinarily performed on Cirque Idyllic's distinctive set - featuring a golden aerial rig amidst the handsome, ruby decor of a tiered stage area and benefitting from its own renewable-energy power source - can also be adapted to suit indoor venues.

Cirque Idyllic Cirque Idyllic Cirque Idyllic Cirque Idyllic Cirque Idyllic
Cirque Idyllic
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