Acrobats: Cirk Extempore

Location: UK

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Justine and Tao, better known as "Cirk Extempore," are a multi-skilled duo with a wide variety of acts on offer!

El Tango Pole - (Chinese Pole)
A vignette into the impassioned world of jealousy and desire. A highly unusual Chinese pole duet where two strong wills Tango out a tempestuous affair of fiery tempers and dramatic drops. A powerful performance fusing Argentinean Tango with Striking acrobatics.

Dub step Pole (Chinese Pole)
This is a fast-pace duo Dub-step Pole performance. Embracing the beats this act plays with highly skilled acrobatic moves in an extraordinary free flowing rhythm captivating audiences with the shifting wit of physical antics. Accompanied by music written and
performed by members of Dubrovnik, Smerins Anti Social Club and Dr Meaker.

Gypsy Pole (Chinese Pole)
A Romany Inspired Gypsy Dance of impassioned spontaneity. Four highly skilled acrobatic performers deliver a highly energised impulsive act with high lifts and neck-breaking drops. A stunning visual display
taking place on a single Chinese pole. Also performed to a spectacular live band. (Minimum height 6.5 meters)

Minnie the Moocher (Hula Hoop Act )
A gangster girl Mini spins her silver hoops to the howling sounds of 'The Big Bad Voodoo Daddies'. A seductively slick performance of alluring dexterity.

Dance of Lunar Deity (Aerial Hoop)
An aerial Dance performance commissioned for World Dance day, inspired by cross cultural Luna deity’s. A sensitively ethereal performance of elegance and grace.

Cirk Extempore Cirk Extempore Cirk Extempore Cirk Extempore Cirk Extempore
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