Wire Walkers: Chris Patfield

Location: UK

Chris PatfieldImpact Artists   Chris PatfieldImpact Artists

A Juggler, Rope walker and Acrobat: Chris was born on the Isle of Skye and has been juggling since the age of 5. Concentrating on ball juggling he has created a diverse style mixing contact, spinning and toss juggling with movement, acrobatics and multiple balance work.

During his time at 'The Circus Space' Chris worked on integrating his juggling with the Slack Rope (as seen in 'Time Without Lines'). He has also done complimentary training in theatre, dance, acrobatics and handstands.

Chris is available to perform a range of technical and stylised work and very interested in mixing his skills with performers in all areas of theatre, dance and circus or anything else that interests him.

Chris Patfield Chris Patfield Chris Patfield Chris Patfield
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