Jugglers: Martin Mall - Cellonglage

Location: Germany

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Martin Mall - CellonglageImpact Artists   Martin Mall - CellonglageImpact Artists

The curtain opens, and we see a cellist passionately lost in his world of music. Just as we start to sit back and enjoy the concert, a ball appears from nowhere and rolls down his bow.
This is the way Martin Mall's "Cellonglage" begins, in which he manipulates and juggles balls of various shapes and sizes in the most amazing ways. By including the instrument as an object in his juggling act and at the same time playing a new interpretation for cello soloists, the border between musician and juggler blends together, and they become one.
This show was created in collaboration with the composer Jan T. Schade, who also performs his music live at specially selected shows, e.g. the Gala Show of the European Juggling Convention 2001 in Rotterdam.

Martin Mall - Cellonglage Martin Mall - Cellonglage
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